Escaprism Networks

Escaprism Networks is proud to introduce hosting and design packages to local businesses in the Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas. The lead designer has over twelve years experience in Photoshop and other industry leading multimedia software in addition to designing custom sites and employing its own in-house CMS for its customers. We  also specialize in SEO optimization and marketing services.

Additionally, we offer top-notch non-digital, print media, such as promotional media such as business cards, logo creation, corporate identity and marketing, banners, and other promotional media.

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to establish a portfolio, to demonstrate the diversity and quality of our work. Please stay-tuned for previews of this material, tutorials, and more.

For now, if you are interested in our services, please contact us and we’ll craft a quote based on the demand of the project and the level of design. Our hosting plans start at $40 / mo. and include 10GB of disk space, FTP access, PHP scripting  and 1 MySQL database to serve the high-demand needs of your clients and business.

Prism is Online

The box is now collocated, as of last night.  Many thanks for Jason for setting this up, a shout out to Anthony for his help setting up the server and helping to manage the box!

Anyways, working on the box over the course of the next few weeks. The nameservers should be updated here momentarily for

Stay tuned for further updates!

Live Environment Next Week!

The server is going into a live, collocated environment by the end of next week (if everything goes according to plans). What this will mean is a truly associated domain with no need for a dynamic DNS setup.

I have already registered two domains and they are ready to go. They are sister domains to; and, respectively.

As far as the performance on the server, at this point at home, it is hard to predict how well (or bad) the server will perform. I would imagine for basic apache serving, the box probably could handle two-dozen websites. For dynamically-driven sites, probably could expect to host 5-10 sites per box depending on the software and caching employed. Of course, that is assuming that no serious forums are being ran that will put extra load on the mysql and php processes.

We’ll see you next week when we go live, or I’ll provide an interim update towards the end of next week if the plans change. Stay tuned!

Mac Mini Server

The Mac Mini arrived on Tuesday. It took approximately two hours to set it up accordingly, just bare-bones; really nothing beyond basic configuration and setting up headless access.

The new Mini will be collocated here shortly, just waiting on Jason for the word when the machine will be assigned a static IP address and were to place it in the data center. I will talk to Jason tomorrow and if it can happen, it’s leaving home and going to its happy place!

All is well, I’m going to bed, I got work tomorrow :)

Mac Mini on its way :)

The Mac Mini is set to arrive sometime next week. Stay tuned, in the mean time I am going to try my best to play with OS X Server configuration to get it ready for when it arrives so most of it can be installed before its new home at the collocation facility.


Welcome to the Outerhaven Server… This is my test environment for my website. I plan on moving this to a co-location facility once I acquire a Mac Mini. For now, don’t expect much, other than tutorials: bikes, technology, philosophy, and a bit of nostalgia.

Lose yourself in a completely different media…